FAB Academy offers 2 levels of Food Safety programs, recognized by the Canadian Government. The base standard, FSC-Basic, for line level employees, and the advanced course, FSC-Pro, for Owner / Operators and Managers. Click below to find the right course for your needs.

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  • whimis-sm


    Learn about safely working with and around hazardous materials in your work place. Safe handling and emergency procedures.

  • train-sm


    Become a FAB Certified Trainer. Learn how to deliver training seminars, engage a classroom and proctor exams

  • kniveskills180

    Pro Slicer

    Learn all the skills Pro Chefs use daily. From safe slicing to fast dicing, we will show you how to handle a knife properly. Look like a pro in the kitchen!

  • mixologist

    Mixology 101

    Anyone can pour soda into spirits, but can you make a perfect martini? How about a Moscow Mule? Learn the skills of top bartenders now!

  • homebrew2

    Brew Your Own Booze

    Learn what tools and ingredients are needed to start up your own home brewery. Impress people with your unique creations.

  • foodsafe-sm

    Food Safety

    Get your required Government accredited food safe certification. Valid for 5 years in all provinces.

FAB Culinary Courses

Learn the skills you need to succeed in the Food and Beverage industry. or simply in the comfort of home. From the beginner basics to advanced, we have something for everyone!


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We have courses to suit all levels of talent

From beginner to advanced, we we are confident you will find a recipe, course or more to help advance your F&B talents. Many of our courses are designed with the Food and Beverage professional in mind, yet still easy to follow for the home “Chef” or “Cocktail Chef”

Culinary Skills
Bar Skills
Food Safety
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  • Connector.


    Learn the skills needed to thrive in any kitchen. Get past all the rookie mistakes.

  • Connector.


    Learn the tricks of top bartenders and servers, gain the confidence you need to get the job.

  • Connector.


    Gain the tools and knowledge of leaders. Learn the systems and how to use them.


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What Our Students Are Saying

Easy to use and fun to do!

I really enjoyed the free courses, they were fun and informative. I will keep FAB in mind when I need to renew my foodsafe certification.

Steve McLeod | Vancouver, BC

Food Safety made fun and engaging!

I have been in the food industry for more than 18 years and renewed my food safe every 5 years. By far the best experience I have had to date!

Chef Francis | Fredeicton, NB

I love the badges you can earn!

Thank you for keeping simple yet engaging! I love the bages you can earn, makes it like a game, but I am learning at the same time! Awesome…

Samantha | Toronto, ON